That ’90s Band is Wisconsin’s premier nineties band. From Nirvana to Vanilla Ice, Adam Sandler to Sublime, Grunge to Gansta, Green Day to… well.. you get the idea.


We feature the hottest hits of the 90’s in a show that is unlike any other you have seen. The stage is full of 90’s memorabilia like pagers, brick cell phones, tapestries, VHS tapes, slap bracelets and more. We’re the only band around (that we know of) that actually has live scratching on a DJ Rig (A true 90s band must!). Audience members participate by dressing up in their favorite (terrible) 1990’s clothing and party all night to their favorite 90s tunes!.


Yep, That ’90s Band isn’t just your typical weekend night band, it’s an experience. So buckle up people, we’re going to take you on a journey to the greatest decade of music. The 1990’s.

Upcoming Events


Wed. Nov 27th @8pm - Stone Toad (Menasha, WI)

Fri. Nov 29th @ 8pm - Jen & Tonic's (Hwy 49 Galloway, WI)

Sat. Dec 7th @ 9pm - Duke's Red Lantern (Green Bay, WI)

Sat. Dec 14th @ 9pm - Anduzzi's (Kimberly, WI)

Fri. Dec 20th @ 9pm - Emmett's (Appleton, WI)

Sat. Dec 28th @ 9pm - Wouters hwy 41 (Little Suamico, W)

Tue. Dec 31st @ 9pm - The 10th Frame (Appleton, WI)

 Sat. Jan 4th @ 930pm - Plank Road (De Pere, WI)


Sat. Jan 11th @ 930pm - Leap In (Freedom, WI)

Sat. Feb 1st @ 9pm - Revs Bowling Bar (Oshkosh, WI)


Sat. Feb 8th @ 830pm - Sluggers (Appleton, WI)

Sat. Feb 15th @ 9pm - Kountry Bar (Appleton, WI)


Sat. Feb 22nd @ 9pm - Tapped Sports Bar (Green Bay, WI)

Sat. Apr 4th @ 9pm - Whistle Inn (Nicohls, WI)

Sat. Jul 4th @ 6pm - Lazy Days Campground (West Bend)


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